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A significant part of the work carried on by the Airedale Terrier Club of America is done by its Standing Committees, ad hoc Committees, and Coordinators. Additionally, our Constitution provides that a Nominating Committee and an Executive Committee be appointed by the Board. The President is authorized to appoint other committees to advance the work of the club and carry on its objectives. For more specific information on any of these activities, contact the Committee Chairperson or Coordinator or the ATCA Secretary.


This Committee is charged with developing programs to support and encourage agility work by Airedale Terriers. The Committee also oversees the ATCA annual Agility Award and the selection of Agility Trial judges.

 AKC Gazette:

The AKC Gazette Coordinator is responsible for the informative articles about Airedales that the ATCA is allowed to regularly place in the breed columns section of the AKC Gazette.

 ATCA Awards Committee:

  • April Clyde, Chair, longvue@msn.com
  • Anne Barlow
  • Linda Baake Jarvis
  • Pamela Dolce-Nevin
  • Alana Duttlinger
  • Pamela Macomber
  • Elizabeth Mattison

 Breeder's Education Committee:

 Breeders' Referral List
 Puppy Buyers Guide/Breed Mentor List:

This Committee oversees the preparation and presentation of ATCA's Breeder Referral List, Puppy Buyers Guide and Breed Mentor List, so that this useful information is available to respond to inquiries. In addition, this Committee is responsible for receiving complaints.

Click here for a resouce prepared by the Breeder's Services committee: Information for Creating Puppy Packs

 ATCA Breeder Relations Committee:

  • Linda Baake Jarvis, Chair, lynaire@aol.com
  • Patricia Gregg
  • April Clyde
  • Myrna Whatmough

 Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and Operating Guidelines:

 Donations and Disaster Relief Fund

The Committee assists those in need due to loss resulting from natural disaster.

 Executive Committee

It is the duty of the Executive Committee to function on any matters pertaining to the business of the club in accordance with the powers delegated to them by the Board.

 Floating Specialties:

This Committee accepts and screens applications from regional clubs or other groups wishing to host ATCA Floating Specialty shows. Final decisions are made by the Board.


View the 2001 HEALTH SURVEY REPORT (pdf 1.4 mgs)

  • Shirley VanOver, Chair, svairedale@aol.com
  • Cathy Gaidos, Co-Chair gaidos@networksplus.net
  • Devon Allen
  • Richard Berg
  • Anna Brinker
  • Anne Curtis
  • Thomas Dilworth
  • Caron Jones
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Valeria Rickard

This Committee receives and responds to inquiries regarding the overall physical well being of the breed, and recommends areas in which additional efforts are needed to promote breed health. Currently, this Committee is overseeing the collection of information on the breed by means of an extensive Health Survey.


The Committee keeps a record of all pertinent events of a historical nature that occur during the year. The Historian also has charge of historical Club files and other Club items of historical significance.


  • Maeve Gagnon, Chair, damagagnon@aol.com
  • Linda Baake Jarvis, Co-Chair, lynaire@aol.com
  • Leslie Apple
  • Joanne Austin
  • Anna Brinker
  • Lisa Bryan
  • Rhonda Davis
  • Martha Graham
  • Patricia Gregg
  • Susan Hill
  • Caron Jones
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Pamela Macomber
  • Pam Napier Pfaff
  • Sue Oury
  • Jaime Rogers
  • Margaret Salzman
  • Carol Scott
  • Margie Sinex
  • Shirley VanOver
  • Jan Vernie
  • Louise Weinberger
  • Joy Wells
  • Myrna Whatmough

 Hunting & Field:

  • Scott Lichty, Chair lichsmit@msn.com
  • Lisa Berglin
  • Kimberly Burrier
  • Sandra Cooley
  • Lexi Nordahl
  • Matthew Nordahl
  • Constance White

This committee actively promotes the Airedale as a hunting and field dog.

 Judges Arrangements:

The Judges Committee contacts judges and secures commitments for assignments according to ATCA Guidelines for Judges Selection; the Committee also recommends to the Board revisions of the Guidelines, as needed.

 Judge's Education:

  • April Clyde, Chair longvue@msn.com
  • Anne Barlow
  • Rhonda Davis
  • Dianna Fielder
  • Charles Foley
  • Mareth Kipp
  • Diane Schlicht
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Valeria Rickard

This Committee provides educational materials and seminars about Airedale conformation, temperament, and interpretation of the breed Standard to approved and provisional judges, as well as to those applying to judge Airedales.

 Legislative Advocate


The Coordinator responds to all membership inquiries and handles all administrative aspects of the membership approval process.

 ATCA Membership Recruitment Committee:

  • Anna Brinker, Chair, annab5910@sbcglobal.net
  • Linda Baake Jarvis
  • Thomas Dilworth
  • Ted Hollander
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • John Turba
  • Anne Barlow

 Montgomery County Specialty & Sweepstakes Committee:

This Committee is responsible for overseeing all arrangements concerning the ATCA's annual specialty show with MCKC and sweeps in early October near Philadelphia.

  New Member Committee:

  • Anne Curtis, Coordinattor

 Newsletter: ( The American Airedale )

Newsletter Staff:

  • Editor in Cheif: Bruce Jonesshowdogjazz@yahoo.com
  • Editorial Board: Suzanne Kubin, Shirley VanOver, Steven Lehrer
  • Coordinator for ATCA Committee Reports: John Turba
  • Coordinator for ATCA Perfromance Events Reports: Anne Barlow
  • Coordinator for MCKC Event Reports - Martha Graham

Committee Reporters:

  • Agility: Dee Corboy-Lulik
  • AKC Delegate's Report: Aletta Moore
  • ATCA History: Lisa Berglin
  • ATCA Health Committee: Cathy Gaidos
  • Breeder's Education: Susan Rogers
  • Hunting & Field: Scott Lichty
  • Legislative: Deirdre Dawon
  • Membership: Richard Schlicht
  • New Titleholders: Jean Surfus
  • Obedience: Suzanne Tharpe
  • Public Information: Caron Jones
  • Rescue & Adoption: Rebecca Preston
  • Website: Jan Vernie
  • Advertising Manager: Leslie Apple
  • Ad Sales: Susan Lucas
  • Regional Reports Editor: Alana Duttlinger
  • Regional Correspondents
  • New England: Susan Rodgers
  • New York Area: Anne Curtis
  • East Coast: Karl Broom
  • Lower Northeast: Linda Leonardi
  • Southeast: Elizabeth Joseph
  • Ohio & Vicinity: Ellen Gordon
  • Midwest: Lanny Duttlinger
  • Northern Lights and West: Scott Lichty
  • Texas & South Central: Carol Scott
  • Rocky Mountains: Judy Howell
  • Pacific Northwest: Lynn Mathers
  • Northern California: Patty Gregg
  • Southern California: Ralph Prey
  • Western Canada: Helen Arnold
  • Eastern Canada: Carole Kane
  • Europe: Open
  • Pacific Rim: Diane Barclay
  • Russia: Ekaterina Senashenko

Special Features Contributors:

  • Someone You Should Know; Joanne Austin
  • Airedales at Work: Myrna Whatmough
  • Focus on Performance: Suzanne Tharpe
  • Focus on Health: Cathy Gaidos
  • Airedale BookWorm: Susan Rodgers and Lisa Berglin
  • ATCA Behind The Scenes: Barbara Brown
  • Spotlight on Regional Clubs: Open
  • The Puppy Ate What? Anna Brinker
  • ATCA Bowl Winners: Lisa Berglin
  • New Titles: Jean Surfus
  • Food for Thought: Ted Hollander
  • Specialty Reports Co-ordinator: Pamela Macomber

Specialy Reports Co-ordinators:

  • LSATC, Eukanuba, & Westminster: Anna Brinker
  • CATC, SCATC and National Specialties: Devon Allen
  • Illinois ATC, Wisconsin ATC, OATS & TCATC: Les Leuck
  • Win Photos: Bruce Jones
  • Results: Lanny Duttliner

Newsletter Distribution:

  • ATCA Members and TAA Subscribers: Margie Sinex
  • New Puppy Owners: Margie Sinex
  • AKC Judges: Bruce Jones

The official newsletter of the ATCA, The American Airedale is a magazine published quarterly as a courtesy to all its members. It is available to non-members for an annual subscription rate of $18. For information on subscribing, contact Dick Schlicht ( Press This Link ). The American Airedale contains entertaining and informative articles that underscore the official conformation standard of the Airedale Terrier and celebrate the all-around versatility of the breed in hunting and performance activities. It keeps members abreast of issues affecting the Airedale and the dog world in general. It covers Airedale-related events in this country and abroad, collected via a system of regional correspondents who help gather the news.


  • Suzanne Tharpe, Chair Suzanne@plum-perfect.com
  • Maeve Gagnon
  • Mary Law
  • Amy McDermott
  • Alice Peterson
  • Constance White
  • Christie Williams

The purpose of this Committee is to address issues regarding the Airedale as an obedience dog and to focus obedience activities. This Committee also administers the process for selecting Obedience Judges for the Montgomery weekend specialty.

 PLN Task Force

  • Richard Berg Chair, raberg1@att.net
  • April Clyde
  • Linda Baake Jarvis
  • Devon Allen
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Anne Barlow

 Public Education:

The Coordinator has an important role concerning the education of members and non-members alike with regard to the Airedale Terrier, and also provides information to the public at various events of national significance.

 Rescue & Adoption:

  • Becky Peston, Chair, skycladd@msn.com
  • Elizabeth Berry
  • Barbara Brown
  • Delia Hardie
  • Rusty LaFrance
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • John Turba
  • Myrna Whatmough

The mission of Rescue and Adoption is to facilitate the rescue, fostering and careful placement of lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers into new permanent homes. National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. For more information on Rescue and Adoption check out the site at http://www.airedalerescue.net

 Roster (Official Membership Roster & Information Booklet):


  • Robert Lucas and Susan Lucas, Co-Chairs rlucas10@cox.net
  • Helen Arnold
  • Barbara Brown
  • Todd Clyde
  • Ken Cook
  • Rhonda Davis
  • Deirdre Dawson
  • Tom Dilworth
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Stephen Lehrer
  • Pamela Macomber
  • Elizabeth Mattison
  • Sue Oury
  • Alex Wheeler

The Trophy Committee is responsible for seeing that ATCA trophies are properly ordered and ready for all ATCA-sponsored specialties. The Airedale Bowl and other perpetual trophies are also entrusted to their care.

 Ways and Means:

The Ways and Means Committee is the fundraising committee for ATCA. Their purpose is to put forth fundraising ideas and projects for ATCA.


  • Jan Vernie, Chair jan.vernie@comcast.net
  • Patricia Gregg
  • Jacqueline J. Noel
  • Dick Schlicht
  • Margie Sinex
  • Jean Surfus
  • Shirley VanOver

This Committee is responsible for guidelines, revisions, and updates related to the content of the ATCA's worldwide web page. The Committee works with a web page administrator service hired for this purpose.

 Website Development:

  • Bob Lucas, Chair rlucas10@cox.net
  • Anne Barlow
  • Nancy Dirgo
  • Ted Hollander
  • Aletta Moore
  • Dick Schlicht

This Committee is responsible for guidelines, revisions, and updates related to the content of the ATCA's worldwide web page. The Committee works with a web page administrator service hired for this purpose.

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