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 Airedales and Obedience/Rally

Obedience training is the ground work for every dog sport and every job dogs do in partnership with mankind. It is a gift we give our dogs to build deeper relationships and allow them to fully integrate into our lives and activities. Obedience includes everything from household manners to earning titles in competition.

Rally is a companion sport to obedience competitions. A relatively new sport, Rally allows the dog and handler team to practice basic obedience elements and perfect these skills before they enter an obedience competition. Titles earned in Rally competitions involve teamwork between the handler and dog as they heel through a course designed by the judge.

Tracking demonstrates the dog's ability to recognize and follow human scent. Dogs are taught to follow human scent first through vegetation and across various cross country terrain. In higher levels of tracking tests the dogs are asked to track in urban or developed settings.

Our committee is here to encourage and support Airedales and their owners that are interested in obedience, rally and tracking. You can also find more information about AKC obedience, rally and tracking by going to the American Kennel Club's web site at AKC.org.

Questions or comments:

Obedience: GMTKLAW@aol.com

Rally: UDXAiredale@aol.com

Tracking: NFoster1080@sbcglobal.net


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