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What is an 'Obedience' Breed?

An interesting tidbit comparing Airedales to Goldens in Nov A through Open B. Although there are almost 28 times the number of Goldens the average qualifying scores are not that different. In Novice A, owners competing for their first Obedience degree, they are almost identical. What does that say about our Airedale teams!

In 2004 there were 2,820 Airedales registered. There was one CD or CDX title earned for every 13 Airedales registered. In the same year there were 52,550 Golden Retrievers registered and one CD or CDX was earned for every 11 registered.

From First & Foremost magazine.

Average Scores Per Class
ClassAiredale TerriersGolden Retrievers
Novice A185.03 185.28
Novice B184.60188.51
Open A186.46189.03
Open B190.35193.08

Number of Dogs Competing per Class
ClassAiredale TerriersGolden Retrievers
Novice A59983
Novice B861,928
Open A421,106
Open B26915

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