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Barbara Strebeigh Fellowship and AKC Sportsmanship Awards

Barbara Strebeigh Fellowship Award

During the nineties, the club and the world lost one of its most endearing members when Barbara Strebeigh passed away on September 14, 1994, at the age of 92. Barbara was well known and respected in the dog world as a breeder and as the importer of Jokyl Bengal Sabu. Beyond this Barbara was an athlete and an accomplished artist, but above all, a very very warm human being who truly saw the best in everyone and everything.

In her honor and memory, the ATCA established the Barbara Strebeigh Fellowship Award to be presented, when deemed appropriate to ATCA members who exemplify the spirit and attributes that made Barbara an inspiration to us all. Specifically, those attributes are enduring dedication and extraordinary contributions to the ATCA and the breed while exhibiting sportsmanship, consideration of others, and goodwill.

The award is not a trophy for competition, shall never be retired and shall be on display only. The award is presented to recipients during the annual dinner at MCKC.

Recipients of this award are:

  • 1997 – Sarah Macklin
  • 1998 – June Dutcher
  • 1999 – Dee and Dave Leahy
  • 2000 – Virginia Saurwein
  • 2001 – Award Not Given
  • 2002 – Phyllis Madaus
  • 2003 – Award Not Given
  • 2004 – Bill Kochler and Ben McCarthy
  • 2005 – Trevor Evans
  • 2006 – Virginia Dreyfus
  • 2007 – Award Not Given
  • 2008 – Rhonda Davis
  • 2009 – Janet Framke
  • 2010 – Charles Foley
  • 2011 – Award Not Given
  • 2012 – Myrna Whatmough
  • 2013 – Award Not Given
  • 2014 – Award Not Given
  • 2015 – Award Not Given
  • 2016 – Linda Baake Jarvis and Virginia Latham Smith
  • 2017 – Martha Graham and Richard Schlicht
  • 2018 – Aletta Moore
  • 2019- Award Not Given
  • 2020- Award Not Given
  • 2021- Adele Abe
  • 2022-Award Not Given


The AKC Outstanding Code of Sportsmanship Award Program was established to recognize and celebrate its volunteer club members. It is intended to provide each member club with an AKC medallion to award to one of its members each year.

This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition and have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club.

The Recipient of this Award should demonstrate the following according to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship..

    • Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of purebred dogs
    • Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace
    • Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the sport of purebred dogs by injecting personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior
    • The Sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers no other factors
    • The Sportsman judge or exhibitor accepts constructive criticism
    • The Sportsman exhibitor declines to enter or exhibit under a judge where it might reasonably appear that the judge’s placements could be based on something other than the merits of the dogs
    • The Sportsman exhibitor refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge
    • The Sportsman respects the AKC bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the sport of purebred dogs
    • Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of competitors
    • Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
    • Sportsmen will deal fairly with all those who trade with them
    • Sportsmen are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding stock
    • Sportsmen spurn any opportunity to take person advantage of positions offered or bestowed upon them
    • Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog
    • Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport, the AKC, or themselves while taking part in the sport
    • These medallions will be awarded yearly at the Annual Membership meeting in October.
    • Suggestions for this medallion will be solicited by the ATCA Secretary from Board members by April 1. Board members will send in one recommendation for this award by April 30 to the ATCA Secretary. The ATCA Secretary will send all of the names received out to the Board for a final vote with a deadline of May 30. The nominee with the most votes will be the recipient of this award.

Recipients of this award are:

  • 2007 – William and Ann Kochler
  • 2008 – Elizabeth Mattison
  • 2009 – Doug and Aletta Moore
  • 2010 – Carol Scott
  • 2011 – Scott and Dottie Boeving
  • 2012 – Virginia Latham Smith
  • 2013 – Linda Baake Jarvis
  • 2014 – Richard Berg and Samantha Curran
  • 2015 – Susan Rodgers
  • 2016 – Philip Weinberger
  • 2017 – Robert Lucas
  • 2018 – Theodore Hollander
  • 2019 – Maeve Gagnon
  • 2020-Scott Lichty
  • 2021-Cathy Gaidos
  • 2022-Jan Vernie
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