ATCA Floater, Fort Worth, TX, RESULTS

BOB-GCH ReydaleTerrydale Rangel the Great Gatsby (D), Own. G. Reyes; OS-GCH Penaire Bryndale Carolina on My Mind (B), Own. J.M. Clarke, A. Brinker and J. Mary; WD & BW Hat Trick’s Der Kaiser, Own. N. Dirgo, M. Stetson, S. Standish and G. McRae; WB-Hat Trick’s Equalizer, Own. N. Dirgo and G. McRae; SEL Dog-GCH Longvue Make My Day With Tailsup, Own. A. & T. Clyde, and L. & P. Weinberger; SEL Bitch-CH ReydaleTerrydale Stealing Beauty, Own. S. & M. Mitchell, and G. Reyes; AM GCHB Spindletop’s Miles and Miles of Texas, Own. A. Barlow; AM- GCH Raynaire V Crescent’s Fire and Rain, Own. C. Labella, C. Johnson and K. Coffey.

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes: Marchwood’s Release the Kraken, Own.  J. Johnson.  Best Junior in Sweepstakes and Best in Sweepstakes:  Kairk Lighting Strikes, Own.  D. Allen.

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