Results ATCA Floater, Louisville, Ky, March 16, 2019

BSW and BJSW: Joval Sweet Cherries Jubilee, Valeria and John Rickard; BPSW Reydaleterrydale Captain Marvel, Gerardo Reyes.

BB: GCHS Jet Aire’s Cosmic Discovery, Diane and John Turba; BW and WD: Longvue Buonaire Daredevil With Tailsup, April and Todd Clyde and Philip and Louise Weinberger; BOS: CH Joval the Force Awakens, Dr. Valeria Rickard and John Rickard; SD: CH Hat Trick’s Brisline Sir Beckham, Georgia McRae, Nancy Dirgo and Marguerite Stetson; SB: CH Lynaire’s Galilean Moon, Linda Baake Jarvis; AOM: GCHB Longvue Up the Ante, April and Todd Clyde and William Mayne; WB: Raynaire V Crescent Royal Reign, Robin Crandall; BBE: Monterra Zen Master, Judy Howell and Patricia Kelley; BBECH: CH Cast Iron Hellcat Striking Out for the Blue Mtn, Lynn D. Mathews and Devon Delaney.