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ATCA Officers & Board of Directors

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Board of Directors:

(Note:  For contact information for the Board of Directors see the ATCA membership roster on the members page.)

Class of 2024

Lisa Berglin, Ellen Gordon, Philip Weinberger, Kim Burrier and Deirdre Dawson

Class of 2025

Virginia Latham Smith, Nancy Nykamp, April Clyde (EC), Jan Vernie, and Bob Lucas (EC)

Class of 2026

Nelson “Skip” Begeot, Rhae Drijber, Daniel Dupre, David Morgan and Alex Wheeler

*EC indicates member of executive committee

2023 ATCA Committees & Coordinators

A significant part of the work carried on by the Airedale Terrier Club of America is done by its Standing Committees, ad hoc Committees, and Coordinators. Additionally, our Constitution provides that a Nominating Committee and an Executive Committee be appointed by the Board. The President is authorized to appoint other committees to advance the work of the club and carry on its objectives. For more specific information on any of these activities, contact the Committee Chairperson or Coordinator or the ATCA Secretary.


  • Deanna Corboy-Lulik, Chair
  • Linda Coates
  • Amy Jo Jimison McDermott
  • Kim Zaborniak
  • Suzanne Etherington
  • David Risk
  • Stephanie Cravens
  • Constance White
  • Carol Wallace
  • Christine  Votel Sheffer
  • Tim Sheffer
  • Megan Burnett

This Committee develops programs to support and encourage agility work by Airedale Terriers. The Committee also oversees the ATCA annual Agility Award and the selection of Agility Trial judges.

AKC Gazette:

  • Nancy Nykamp

The AKC Gazette Coordinator prepares informative articles about Airedale Terriers for the breed columns section of the AKC Gazette.

ATCA Awards Committee:

  • Margie Sinex, Chair,
  • Anne Barlow
  • Alana Duttlinger
  • Elizabeth Mattison
  • Terry Younkins
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Kim Zaborniak
  • Lisa Berglin

This Committee oversees and administers the ATCA Versatility Award Program.  It may also develop award programs to recognize the achievements and contributions of ATCA members and/or their Airedale Terriers.

Breeder’s Education Committee:

This Committee oversees the preparation and presentation of programs at Montgomery and other venues that are designed to further educate both prospective and experienced Airedale Terrier  breeders.  It may also use other media to prepare and disseminate materials for the same purpose

Breeders’ Referral List and Puppy Buyers Guide/Breed Mentor List:

This Committee oversees the ATCA’s Breeder Referral List, Puppy Buyers Guide and Breed Mentor List and ensures that useful information and referrals are made  available to members of the public who inquire about Airedale Terriers and puppy availability. 

Click here for a resouce prepared by the Breeder’s Services committee: Information for Creating Puppy Packs

ATCA Breeder Relations Committee:

  • Linda Jarvis, Chair,
  • Patricia Gregg
  • April Clyde
  • Diana Fielder

This Committee receives and attempts to resolve complaints from the general public about ATCA breeders.

Donations and Disaster Relief Fund

This Committeed assists those in need due to loss resulting from natural disaster.

Floating Specialties:

This Committee accepts and screens applications from regional clubs or other groups wishing to host ATCA Floating Specialty shows.  The Coordinator should also assist applicants in the preparation of successful applications.  Decisions on the approval of applications are made by the Board.



  • Cathy Gaidos, Chair,
  • Anna Brinker
  • Devon Allen
  • Thomas Dilworth
  • Anne Curtis
  • Barbara Brown
  • Stephanie Montgomery

This Committee receives and responds to inquiries regarding the overall physical well being of the breed, and recommends areas in which additional efforts are needed to promote breed health. Currently, this Committee is overseeing the collection of information on the breed by means of an extensive Health Survey.


The Committee collects and maintains records of all pertinent events of a historical nature that occur through the year.   It also maintains historical ATCA files and a collection of other items of historical significance.


  • Jan Vernie, Co-Chair,
  • Anne Barlow, Co-Chair
  • Linda Jarvis
  • Leslie Apple
  • Amy McDermott
  • Susan Lucas
  • Dianna McKenna
  • Joy Wells
  • Maeve Gagnon
  • Rhae Drijber
  • Cathy Gaidos

This Committee is responsible for all hospitality arrangements for the ATCA Specialty Show held annually at Montgomery in October.  Also, it may, if requested by host clubs, provide advice on the provision of successful hospitality arrangements at floating specialty shows.

Hunting & Field:

  • Scott Lichty, Chair,
  • Lisa Berglin
  • Kimberly Burrier
  • Sandra Cooley
  • Lexi Nordahl
  • Matthew Nordahl
  • Constance White
  • Kyle Inks

This committee actively promotes the Airedale Terrier as a hunting and working dog.  It coordinates workshops and hunting tests to emphasize these aspects of the breed. 

Judge’s Arrangements:

The Judges Committee contacts judges and secures commitments for assignments according to ATCA Guidelines for Judges Selection.  It also conducts voting to select judges for ATCA Specialties.  

Judge’s Education:

  • April Clyde, Chair,
  • Anne Barlow, Co-Chair
  • Rhonda Davis
  • Dianna Fielder
  • Charles Foley
  • Mareth Kipp
  • Diane Schlicht
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Valeria Rickard
  • Todd Clyde

This Committee provides educational materials and seminars about Airedale conformation, temperament, and interpretation of the Breed Standard to approved and provisional judges, as well as to those applying to judge the breed.

Legislative Advocate

The coordinator monitors anti-dog bills and legislation by state and informs the membership of them.

 Roster Administration 

The Roster Administrator responds to all membership inquiries and is responsible for the maintenance of the ATCA Membership Roster.  This includes the “official roster” kept in an offline database and a current digital copy maintained on the ATCA website.  The Roster Administrator is also responsible for the production and publication of the hard-copy Roster and Information Booklet which is distributed to all members.  The Roster Administrator also maintains the Breeders’ Referral  List on the ATCA website.  

ATCA Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee:

  • Devon Allen, Chair,
  • Linda Baake Jarvis
  • Thomas Dilworth
  • Kim Burrier

This Committee designs, develops and executes a wide range of programs and strategies to recruit new ATCA members and retain current members.  It attempts to be innovative in these efforts and will ofter seek  the assistance of and work in concert with other committees such as, but not limited to, Dog Sports, Hunting and Field, New Member and Website, Pedigree Database and Technology.

Montgomery County Specialty & Sweepstakes Committee:

  • Alex Wheeler, Chair,
  • This Coordinator is responsible for and  oversees all arrangements for the ATCA’s annual Specialty Show and Sweepstakes hosted by the MCKC in early October.

New Member Committee:

The Coordinator assists i the preparation of and receives applications for membership from those wishing to join ATCA, ensures that the acceptance procedures  mandated by the By-Laws are followed in a timely fashion, handles the administrative aspects of the membership acceptance process, informs applicants of the outcome of these procedures, and provides new members with the appropriate orientation and materials.

Newsletter: ( The American Airedale )

Newsletter Staff:

  • Editor in Chief and Chair: Cathy Gaidos
  • Assistant Editor:  Jim Gaidos
  • Editorial Board: Suzanne Kubin 
  • Advertising Manager:  Leslie Apple
  • Regional Specialty Reports:  Les Lueck
  • Assistant Regional Specialty Reports:  Anna Brinker

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the Quarterly production and distribution of the American Airedale and for determining annually what positions are needed to achieve this goal.


  • Chair:  Kim Burrier,
  • Amy McDermott
  • Dee Corboy Lulik
  • Linda Coates
  • Maeve Gagnon
  • Constance White
  • Dale Burrier

This Committee  addresses issues regarding the Airedale Terrier as an obedience dog and develops programs to encourage and support obedience work by Airedale Terriers.  Also, it  administers the selection of  Obedience Judges for the Montgomery weekend trial. 

Public Education:

This Committee designs, develops , and executes traditional and innovative strategies to inform and educate ATCA members and, especially, the general public about Airedale Terriers.  It will work with and assist other Committees to accomplish these purposes.

Rescue & Adoption:

  • Becky Peston, Chair,
  • Barbara Brown
  • Rusty LaFrance
  • Denise Lucas
  • Cathy Biersack

This Committee facilitates the rescue, fostering and careful placement of lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted  Airedale Terriers into new permanent homes.


  • Deirdre Dawson, Co-Chair,
  • Robert Lucas, Chair
  • Barbara Brown
  • Todd Clyde
  • Rhonda Davis
  • Tom Dilworth
  • Virginia Latham Smith
  • Elizabeth Mattison
  • Alex Wheeler
  • Devon Allen
  • Susan Lucas, Supported Entries

This  Committee is responsible for seeing that ATCA trophies are properly ordered and ready for all ATCA-sponsored specialties. The Airedale Bowl and other perpetual trophies is  entrusted to this committee.


This Committee is responsible for guidelines, revisions, and updates related to the content of the ATCA’s worldwide web page. The Committee works with a web page administrator service hired for this purpose.

This multi-functional “umbrella” Committee deals with a number of partially related purposes best served by being within a single unit.  First, it is responsible for the content and currency of the ATCA Website within  guidelines and procedures that it develops and with the assistance of an external Web Service provider.  Second, it provides a “breeder-friendly” pedigree database for the use of ATCA members and any others as determined by the Board.  Third, it administers ATCA’s Studbook contract with the AKC according to AKC’s procedures.  Fourth, utilizing the skills of its members with technological expertise the Committee will provide technological advice and assistance to other committees and the Board on an “as needed” basis.



  • Cathy Gaidos, Chair
  • April Clyde
  • Rhae Drijber
  • Jim Gaidos
  • Les Lueck
  • Aletta Moore
  •  Phil Weinberger

Note:  The above committee descriptions were approved by the ATCA Board of Directors in November of 2018.

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