Airedales and Agility

The sport of dog agility was first seen at the Crufts Dog Show in England in 1978. John Varley, a member of the Crufts Dog Show put together entertainment for the public during a break after the obedience championship finished and before the group judging commenced.

John’s main interest was horses, not dogs. By using the horse show-jumping concept, John conceived a dog event with obstacles… a canine version of horse show jumping. With friend Peter Meanwell, a well-known Working Trials competitor and judge, they developed a set of obstacles for this fun event and rules based on Peter’s knowledge of dogs.

In February 1978 the public witnessed an agility contest between two teams of dogs at Crufts. It was a great success and the future of dog agility was born. In the following years dog agility evolved into the fastest growing canine sport in the world.

The versatile Airedale has found a new facet in Agility. With Airedale enjoyment of fun and variety, Agility is right up their alley. There are still not enough of our wonderful breed competing, but the ones that are have wonderful success.

The agility committee was established to educate the Airedaler regarding this fun sport and promote competition. Every year the ATCA presents an award to the top Agility Airedale for the year. There is also agility activity as part of Montgomery County weekend. In 2000 the West Highland White Terrier Club of America sponsored the first ever All Terrier Trial. In 2001 there were three days of All Terrier Trials with the ATCA co-hosting one of the days. It was a tremendous success. A new tradition was started and other Terrier Clubs have come on board to share hosting duties. In 2005 there will be four days of Agility, with the ATCA hosting the Wednesday trial. More history in the making and ATCA is a part of it.

For information regarding Agility contact Deanna Corboy-Lulik, Chair

The MACH Trophy

  • A perpetual Trophy that will honor the Airedale or Airedales receiving an MACH Title during the previous year. This trophy will be one where the name of the dog, owner/handler, and breeder will appear on a brass plate along with the year received. This trophy will remain in the custody of ATCA and will be displayed along with the other Top Airedale Awards at Montgomery County as well as any other Floating Specialties that these awards travel to.
  • This Award will recognize any members’ dog who receives an Master Agility Championship during the previous calendar year. If there is more than one dog to finish this title both dogs shall have their names included on the award. This is not about the number of points earned in getting this title so there will be no highest scoring involved in deciding whose name goes on the award.
  • This Award shall be presented at the Annual Membership Meeting during the Montgomery County Weekend.
  • The trophy was made by Joanne Vohs and depicts an Airedale virtually sailing over the triple jump. This Sculpture is a one of a kind Bronze, and each winner will get a plate with their name engraved mounted on the black walnut octagonal base. Each winner will also get a one of a kind, clay sculpture of an Airedale going over the triple jump.
  • Any questions on this Trophy should be addressed to the Agility Committee.
  • ATCA Member 2017 MACH Award Submission Form

Top Agility Airedale Award And Criteria

  • The Annual Top Agility Airedale Award shall be issued to the Airedale whose primary owner is an ATCA member in good standing and the formula used to calculate the winner will be MACH points earned plus QQ’s x 10 for a given calendar year (Jan 1-Dec.31). Said award shall be presented at the Montgomery County General Membership Meeting or during years when the ATCA does sponsor an agility trial at the All-Terrier Agility Trials in Pennsylvania, it may be presented at the ATCA sponsored agility trial at the morning briefing prior to the start of the ATCA trial

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