Obedience, Rally & Tracking

Obedience, Rally and Tracking

Obedience training is the ground work for every dog sport and every job dogs do in partnership with mankind. It is a gift we give our dogs to build deeper relationships and allow them to fully integrate into our lives and activities. Obedience includes everything from household manners to earning titles in competition.


  • A perpetual Trophy that will honor the Airedale or Airedales receiving an OTCH Title during the previous year. This trophy will be one where the name of the dog, owner/handler, and breeder will appear on a brass plate along with the year received. This trophy will remain in the custody of ATCA and will be displayed along with the other Top Airedale Awards at Montgomery County as well as any other Floating Specialties that these awards travel to.
  • This Award will recognize any members’ dog who receives an Obedience Trial Championship during the previous calendar year. If there is more than one dog to finish this title both dogs shall have their names included on the award. This is not about the number of points earned in getting this title so there will be no highest scoring involved in deciding whose name goes on the award.
  • This Award shall be presented at the Annual Membership Meeting during the Montgomery County Weekend.
  • The trophy was made by Joanne Vohs and depicts an Airedale sitting with a scent article in it’s mouth. This Sculpture is a one of a kind Bronze, and each winner will have a plate engraved with their dog’s name, the owner’s name and the date the OTCH title was earned. This plate will be mounted on the base of the perpetual trophy. Each winner will get a smaller clay replica of this trophy.
  • Any questions on this Trophy should be addressed to the Obedience/Rally Committee.
  • AKC Lifetime OTCH Points for Airedales through 1/14/2022

Top Obedience Award

  • The Top Airedale Award was first presented in 1988. It is awarded to the ATCA member whose dog has earned the most points, as tabulated by Front & Finish magazine using the First & Foremost rating system. Points are based on scores earned in the Open and Utility classes. The higher the qualifying score the more points earned.
  • Each year ATCA recognizes the Top Airedale and handler with an award presented at the annual meeting. Their names are engraved on the ATCA Trophy which is displayed at the annual Obedience Trial. The award is presented for scores earned in the previous calendar year.
  • ATCA Top Obedience Airedales by Year


Rally is a companion sport to obedience competitions. A relatively new sport, Rally allows the dog and handler team to practice basic obedience elements and perfect these skills before they enter an obedience competition. Titles earned in Rally competitions involve teamwork between the handler and dog as they heel through a course designed by the judge.


Tracking demonstrates the dog’s ability to recognize and follow human scent. Dogs are taught to follow human scent first through vegetation and across various cross country terrain. In higher levels of tracking tests the dogs are asked to track in urban or developed settings.

More Information

Our committee is here to encourage and support Airedales and their owners that are interested in obedience, rally and tracking. You can also find more information about AKC obedience, rally and tracking by going to the American Kennel Club’s web site shown in the links below.

2023 Obedience and Rally Results, Palmyra, PA


Highest Scoring Dog, Regular Classes, in both the morning and afternoon trials:  ICEPOND SHENANDOAH RUNNING WYLD. Dog.  Owner: TERRY YOUNKINS. Handler: TERRY YOUNKINS. 


High Combined in both the morning and afternoon trials:  CONNEMARA’S COLDCASE INVESTIGATOR BN CD RE CGCA CGCU ACT1 (GATOR).  Dog. Owner:  LINDA COATES.  Handler:  LINDA COATES.  Connemara’s Coldcase Investigator also placed 1st in Rally Excellent B in both the morning and afternoon classes and was 1st place in Rally Masters in the morning classes. 



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