Versatility Awards

Versatility Awards

“The Airedale can do anything that any other dog can do and then lick the other dog!”  We have all heard this claim about Airedales for many years.  Fans of the Airedale Terrier believe that their chosen breed has the ability and heart to succeed in any “line of work” and they are proving it by successfully competing in many different dog sports from agility to coursing to search and rescue!  Many Airedale Terriers have not only dabbled at these activities but have been successful enough to win the highest titles available in these venues.  And in recent years, we have all heard the announcer at the Westminster Kennel Club show tell the world that the Airedale Terrier may be the best hunting dog there is.  To recognize and promote the versatility of our beloved breed, the Airedale Terrier Club is proud to introduce a Versatility Award Program to promote participation in diverse activities and to recognize those who successfully compete in multiple venues.

This new program will provide various awards to formally recognize the achievements of owners who lead their Airedale Terrier to earn titles in a variety of canine events.  To earn a ATCA Versatility title, the team (owner and Airedale Terrier) must meet specific requirements that are outlined on the Versatility Award Guidelines.  The Versatility Award Guidelines and the Application for the Versatility Award are available from the ATCA Secretary ( or the Versatility Award Coordinator (  The guidelines and application for the Versatility Award are also available on the member section of the ATCA website at  Key points include the following:

  1. The owner of the Airedale must be a member of ATCA in good standing at the time of application for a versatility award.  In addition, the owner must have been an ATCA member at the time the last qualifying title for the award was earned.
  2. The Airedale to be awarded must be registered with the AKC and must be the same dog awarded all titles to qualify for the versatility award.
  3. The titles eligible to qualify for the versatility award are included on the Versatility Award Application list and are approved annually by the ATCA Board of Directors.  The application and list are included as an insert in this edition of TAA.

There are various award levels in the program and these award levels acknowledge both participation in various types of events or disciplines (horizontal recognition) and also success at increasingly difficulty levels of competition (vertical recognition).  To quality for the first level of award (Versatility Award) the dog must earn 3 titles in three different disciplines.  An example might be a dog who has earned an agility title; a dock diving title and a conformation title.  Four other increasingly challenging awards are available (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards) and to achieve each of these, additional titles and additional venues of competition are necessary.  See guidelines for details of these awards.  Typically, events included to qualify for the award are AKC events. Venues of competiton currently recognized by the program include the following AKC title programs.  (There are a few non AKC events eligible for the program and they are noted in the list below. )

  1. Agility
  2. Barn Hunt
  3. Breed Conformation
  4. Citizenship
  5. Coursing
  6. Dock Diving
  7. Farm Dog
  8. Fast Cat
  9. ATCA and AKC Field
  10. Flyball
  11. NACSW Nosework
  12. Obedience
  13. Rally
  14. Tracking
  15. Scent Work
  16. Search/Rescue
  17. Therapy Dog
  18. Trick Dog

The owner applies for a Versatility Award by completing the Versatility Award Application and returning it to the Versatility Award Coordinator by August 1, 2017. The “Award Year” follows ATCAs fiscal year and runs from August 1st through July 31st and all qualifying titles must be earned in the award year.  For the first year of the program, the award year will run from January 2015 through July 31, 2017.  The dog to be awarded must be alive at the time of application for the award and the owner must apply for the highest award level the dog is eligible for.

Versatility Award achievement will be recognized by a formal letter, the presentation of a commemorative item and by announcement at the Annual General Membership Meeting.  In addition, all award recipients will have their name published in TAA and also in the Montgomery County Kennel Club catalog.

The ATCA is proud to have a means to recognize the achievements of our wonderful breed and their dedicated owners.  This program will demonstrate what we all know – that Airedale Terriers are intelligent, active, versatile dogs who are not only the King of Terriers but also the star of the canine world!


Versatile Level (3 titles in 3 event venues):
Sandra Cooley Ch. Moraine Strongbow Buckaroo Babe, CGC, RATN

Bronze Versatility Level (4 titles in at least 3 event venues):
Anne Barlow Ch. Spindletop’s Spoken For, RATN, TKN, CGC
Mauve & Dave Gagnon Ch. Lynaire’s Over the Moon, BN, CD, CGC
Chris Halvorson Coldstream Born in the USA, MH, CD, RA, MHFur, MHF, SHV
Amy McDermott Lynaire Boo Kale Flash, BN, RN, NA, NAJ
Lynne O’Hara Ch. Sagacious M’ Absolutely Fabulous, RATCH.x5, CGC
Carol Wallace Nevinaire’s Mystic Kaos, RN, NA, NAJ, RATO
Marilyn & Everett Wigley Airecraft Elaborate Flourish, RATI, RATCH, TKI, CGC

Silver Versatility Level (5 titles in at least 4 venues):
Mary Barker Ch. Pipestone’s Curious Georgie Explores, VCD2, PCDX, BN, AXJ, TDX
Anne Barlow Ch. Spindletop’s No Angel Knows, RATN, THDN, TKN, CGC

Gold Versatility Level (6 titles in at least 4 venues):
Nancy Bougher Ch. Coverdale Hardknott Master of Thyme, CD, BN, RN, AXP, AJP, CGC
Elizabeth Mattison Ch. Bristol Aires Dreams Come True, CGC, CD, BN, RN, RA

Platinum Versatility Level (7 titles in at least 5 venues):
Anne Barlow GCH. Ch. Spindletop’s I Can Only Imagine, RATM, CA, TKN, CGC
Linda Brendlinger Coldstream Intrepid Spirit, CD, BN, RN, THD, RATN, CGC, TKA
Alana Duttlinger Ch. Alnor’s It’s All About Mia, CD, RN, NA, NAJ, OA, CGC
Lin Hartnett Airecraft’s New Chapter, BN, CD, RN, Bcat, CGCA
Susan LeVasseur Ch. MACH3 Stirling Blackstone Esprit Du Coeur, RE, MXB2, MJS2, MXP, MJP, NF, TKN, RATO
Susan LeVasseur Ch. Glenroyal Hearts Afire At Blackstone, PCD, BN, RE, AX, MXJ, TKI, RATS
Yvonne Michalak U-RATM, URO3 Airecraft Brewster of Buffalo, CD, BN, RE, RATI, RATM, CGC, TKI, CTL-R, H
Yvonne Michalak U-RATO, URO3 Icepond Honkytonk Woman, CD, RAE, RATI, RATO, CGC, TKI, CTL1, CTL2-S, H
Judy Schulte Nevinaires Razzle Dazzle, BN, RA, OAP, THDN, CGC
Cynthia Smith GCH., Ch. Wildside Heart and Soul, RN, RATO, CGC, TKN
Marilyn Wigley Caleb Acres Defying Gravity, CGC, UD, GO, OA, AXJ, CDX (ASCA), RATI, RATCHx11, BHI, TKA, FFX-OG
Terry & Leah Younkins Ice Pond Shenandoah Scalawag, BN, RN, CA, CGC, RATI, TDI, RLP, RL1
Terry & Mick Younkins Ezekiel’s Bold Vision, CD, RA, CGC, JHV, RATS, RATI, SHFur, TD

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